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Blue Stone Industries is a wholesale packaging company that is customer driven and caters to the high-tech manufacturing industry. Responsibilities mainly include procurement, design and sales. Achieved success by sharing the knowledge of packaging while working with others to build relationships and solutions.

Owner and President, Scott Olive is a packaging professional motivated by the challenge of creating designs and implementing plans to accomplish appointed goals. Developed and managed hundreds of vendor relationships throughout the country. A vast knowledge and full understanding of the packaging industry. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies to help bring product to market and reach milestones with aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound packaging. Demonstrated the leadership skills to successfully cater to the demanding packaging needs of the  electronics environment.

Professional Skill Set


Procurement: Exemplary relationship building and problem solving skills that foster vendor trust and dependability. Reduced costs by standardizing processes helpful in negotiating favorable terms and streamlining supplier channels. Ability to produce proper formulas, spread sheets, drawings, specifications to ensure a return of precise proposals from vendors. Superior competence in analyzing usage reports to perfect a ‘vendor managed inventory’ plan.

Negotiate and Lead Discussion: Confidence and ability to communicate with high level representatives of manufacturing and distribution businesses. Knowledgeable in the industry to introduce the advantages, options of materials and designs that aid in the transport of sophisticated product lines.

Design and Drawing: Proficient in packaging design and converting of packaging materials such as wood, corrugated, plastic and foam. Established skills using Auto CAD while possessing the ability to read and comprehend engineered drawings.

Salesmanship: Pleasing demeanor with excellent social competence to earn the trust of customers. Perceptive listening skills to understand the needs of others. Customer driven and motivated to accomplish tasks requested by clientele.  



Over 20 years of experience has enabled an extensive comprehension of the packaging industry

*Expertise in materials such corrugated, film, foam, paper, plastics and wood  

*Cost structures based on facility capabilities and material volume

*Pre-production start up including artwork, cutting dies, molds and printing plates

*Converting processes as die-cutting, scoring, gluing, folding, extruding, molding and assembly

*Supply network including converters, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers

*Full Knowledge of logistics, warehousing and handling of finished goods

*Ability to design and draw with the use of CAD

*Mechanical skills to hand make working sample and prototypes  

*Ability to qualify and pre-qualify vendors with minimal effort

*Basic understanding of square footage pricing for all materials

More Detail

Design Capabilities


Drawings of our packaging designs can help our customers visualize how their product will look and how it will be protected during shipping.

Concepts That Work


Our knowledge of packaging materials aide in our ability to create designs that meet the challenge.

Structural Design


Protect your product for shipping as well as stacking and storing from floor to ceiling if necessary.

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